The Tucson Botanical Gardens offers a rich environment for learning opportunities for children. Find out more about youth programs, special events and teacher resources.


Saturday, May 14
9 a.m. to noon
Included with admission
Water is an essential component of environmental and community health.  Join us for a morning exploration of water and water conservation  through experimentation, art, games, and activities!

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1) Plant Power Summer Camp: June 13-17, Grades 1-3
2) Plant Power Summer Camp: June 27-July 1, Grades 4-6
3) Plant Science Investigators – P.S.I.: July 11- July 15, Grades 4-6

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The Gardens’ diverse plant life provides an ideal platform for strengthening connections between school curricula and the natural world.

Field Trips

Self-guided visits to the Gardens are scheduled year round. Independently explore our 17 themed gardens during your trip, including add-ons such as Garden Explorer Plant Packs and our very own Butterfly Magic. Please read field trip guidelines carefully. For more information and make your reservation, click here.

Teacher Resources

Teachers, group leaders, and families can complement their visit with the following resources.

Butterfly Kits: Bring the field trip experience to your classroom with a kit that helps students understand the life cycle of a butterfly (includes live Gulf fritillary larvae!).

Making a Seed Magnet: Mexicans have long recognized the beauty inherent in natural and botanical objects such as seeds (Seed Craft Description). Decorate a magnet to showcase beautiful seeds in your home.

Sunflower Activity: Sunflowers have been a favorite plant in Mexico for centuries. These instructions will help you grow them at home.

Chili Pepper Activity: create one of Tucson’s favorite foods, chili peppers, withthis simple activity. Also, here are some excellent chili pepper recipes if this craft makes you hungry!



Please contact Ashley Pedersen at with any outreach program requests. We have limited capacity to fulfill requests for outreach programs, but will make our best effort to accommodate you when we are available.